In 2010, our daughter, Jen, joined the AfterBerner team as a junior partner, adding another opinion when evaluating dogs and puppies. She enjoys the showing and competing portion, and you can often see her and her young son at the shows. Maybe in a few years we will see both of them in the ring! In addition to conformation, Jen's interest lies in training and performance sports, such as CKC Rally Obedience, Tracking and Drafting. This also added a second separate household, allowing each of our dogs to get more time and attention.

     We enjoy showing our dogs in both Canada and the USA and are finding success in both venues. Our commitment to our breed drives our breeding program as we strive to produce healthy, happy, beautiful representatives of the breed for show, performance, or companion homes. All of our litters are raised in our homes in NW Ontario, Selkirk and Winnipeg to ensure proper care and socialization so that they get off to the best possible start. They are vet checked, temperament tested and carefully placed into homes that we believe will be a good match for each individual puppy.

     We are very grateful to all of our friends and mentors that have helped us find our way in this breed. We love to talk about our dogs and the breed as a whole, so if you have any questions or are considering if a Berner is the right breed for you, please feel free to contact us. There is also a wealth of knowledge about the breed on the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada website that you can access through our links page. Thank-you for visiting!


John, Claire and Jen

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Once Upon A Time...

AfterBerner Bernese Mountain Dogs is a small kennel established in 2008 by John Simons and Claire Larkin in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We have been active in the dog world for many years casually, first in Beagles, and later in Siberian Huskies. Upon retirement, we decided to return to the hobby that we had previously enjoyed together and started to research breeds. We wanted a hardy dog that we could share our love of the outdoors with. A dog that was friendly, loyal, and affectionate and that wouldn’t run in the other direction as soon as we dropped the leash. After much consideration, we decided that the Bernese Mountain Dog sounded just perfect and the search began.

It took many hours, phone calls, emails, and disappointments, but eventually “Shana”  (pictured above with Claire) came to live with us from Slovakia. She instantly won our hearts with her loving personality, playful spirit and head-turning looks. As Shana grew and her show career began, we were hooked on the breed. We joined the National Breed Club and became active in Breed Rescue in order to give back to this breed we cherish. Since then, two more Berners, Marco and Jetta have joined our family from overseas.