Is the Bernese Mountain Dog  the Right Breed for Me?

    The Bernese Mountain Dog is a wonderful breed. However, it is not the breed for everyone. It is a very large and exuberant dog. The tail is always going and prone to knocking over stuff on the coffee table or even small children. They are very social and need/ even demand to spend a lot of time with their owners. Be prepared to have your Berner always want to climb into your lap anytime you sit down. They love to snuggle in bed, and can be a bit of a bed hog. They can be easy to train but because of their size, they need lots of training, socializing and exercise to become a well-adjusted canine citizen.
     If you are not looking for a 90-120 lbs shadow (and lapdog), the Bernese Mountain Dog is definitely not the dog for you.
     The Bernese Mountain Dog is a working dog, and so needs lots of exercise and a job to do. Many Bernese excel at competitive obedience, tracking and drafting as well as helping out at home with herding or draft work. Unstimulated Bernese often channel that extra energy into undesirable habits, even when they are getting lots of exercise at the dog park. They seem to need the mental stimulation of working.
     As a general farm dog, the Bernese is a watch dog (but not a guard dog), and so does bark! They have a very big bark and will alert you to intruders (human or animal). This may irritate your neighbours until you teach your dog "Enough. Thank you for letting me know!"  Berners can be aloof with strangers. Proper socialization and exposure to many different situations are very important.
     They shed. A lot. They will leave tumbleweed shaped hair balls that float along your floor.  And no outfit is complete without a little Berner hair.
     Like all dogs, whether pure of mixed, Bernese Mountain Dogs can have a variety of health problems. Click on the link below to learn more information about the health concerns associated with the breed. They also love their food and in their maturation process, if not managed properly, many young Berners are prone to eating things they really should not. Such as sticks, rocks, garbage, toys, seat belts, or items off the counter. This can pose a very dangerous risk to their health.
     Dogs are loyal creatures that need, and deserve, exercise, training, love and attention. This a long term commitment of up to 14 years or more, where the dog needs attention and care every single day. So please think about your reasons for getting a dog, before you bring one home. Consider your lifestyle, home, family and time commitments and make a wise decision.

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